Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are an essential addition to any modern kitchen. They create a clean aesthetic that’s unmistakably contemporary without the clinical feel created by other surfaces, such as stainless steel or laminates. They contribute to a finish in kitchen designs that effortlessly works with other elements & create balance in the family home’s busiest room. They’re also appropriate for any food preparation area because they don’t harbour any harmful viruses or bacteria.

These kitchen splashbacks can either have white or coloured backgrounds using Starphire glass, a low-iron and ultra-clear glass that lacks the slight green tinge of most high quality glasses. A kitchen splashback is a practical addition to any kitchen because they don’t hold moisture with easy installation. There’s also none of the mould or mildew that’s usually associated with grout and tiled surfaces, which means less cleaning for you!

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Coloured kitchen splashbacks and mirrored splashbacks create an excellent talking point for your kitchen designs and work excellently with other home appliances and kitchen surfaces. Their versatility means you can incorporate a splashback into elegantly understated designs or venture into bold and intensely coloured designs.

Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks add a touch of class to any kitchen. Creating space and light within a room, mirrored splashbacks are perfect to create a touch of class to any modern kitchen design.

Pattern & Printed Splashbacks

Using advanced technology, Just Splashbacks can provide our clients with glass printed in all types of pictures and patterns. We can use our technology to use photographs, patterns, or graphics and print them directly onto your glass splash back.

Perfect to transform your kitchen, into something unique and memorable.