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Frameless Shower Screens Melbourne

Mont Albert Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless Showerscreens Melbourne are produced from high quality plate glass that is self-supporting and requires no frames. Frameless showerscreens Melbourne create a sleek and minimalist look for your home’s bathroom and are precision cut for your design requirements. The addition of simple handles and hinge fixtures add to the glass screens, appearing to float, effectively demarcating the wet areas from the dry areas of your bathroom, without making the bathroom seem smaller or losing it’s open plan design. The glass edges are polished and refined to perfection with tapered edges that smooth off into precisely the right corners to conceal water, yet prevent injury from sharp edges. Frameless shower screens give a bathroom space that extra wow factor, it’s when materials just work and you know they’re excellent quality.

Frameless screens Melbourne are paired exquisitely with large floor tiles to create a wide open bathing space in showers and baths, demarcate toilet areas and can be frosted for privacy. They are easily cleaned with any cleaning product and can be made fog resistant. All hinges and handles can be chosen by you and selected to match bath and basin fixtures to create a unified and consistent design for your bathroom and shower space. Most of our fittings are chrome, but if you want something unique, have a chat with one of the Just Splashback expects for the very best advice in the industry.

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Frameless Shower Screens Mont Albert Frameless Shower Screen

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